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Keep the faith, keep your faith!


25 November 1991

.First I will credit the sources of those which I have taken from to support my design. If I accidentally used your designs without crediting your work, please inform me immediately, I would edit it right away…Since I can’t remember all of the sources, please be understandable if you happened to find some of my artworks not being credited....!!!
Do not use hotlink because if you did that, you would have “indirectly” damaged my photo storeroom, my photobucket has been out of bandwidth more than twice within half a month. [It would affect me updating my new entries in other communities, and it would also prevent other people accessing my LJ from seeing what they want to see]. I still have to spend more time in editing the code.

Do not alter my photos and credit it as your own. Do not credit my source of photos as yours.
If you’re knowledgeable about PTS, aside from making comments you may also give your opinion regarding my coloring, using textures, cropping method, etc.
If you take a liking to my artworks, feel free to add
me into your friends list. I will be very delighted. *heart*
You may post my artworks anywhere you want such as on forums or blog, etc..(there’s no need to ask for my permission) as long as you credit it as: bobo2511@livejournal.
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